Nividas is a Stockholm-based company that designs glasses and sunglasses for you who want to be able to vary your style by having different pairs for different occasions. Nividas is Esperanto and means "we see". Esperanto is a non-resident language, constructed by an ophthalmologist with the aim of increasing exchange between countries and cultures.

All glasses are processed by hand.

The individual eyeglass frames are made from cellulose acetate, an artificial fiber made from cellulose from the plant kingdom, and are processed into thin blocks from which the front and the scales of the eyeglass arch are cut. Cellulose acetate with pattern has a unique appearance, which means that among Nivida's glasses with patterns, there are not two pairs that look exactly the same.

The machining of the eyeglass frames after they have been cut from the acetate blocks requires an extensive craftsmanship where each pair of eyeglasses goes through a large number of steps, for example by grinding and polishing by hand. Each eyeglass arch takes about four months to manufacture, and is quality checked regularly during the process.