You can carry with you all you need for a perfect summer day. Here you will find everything for a picnic in town or in the countryside, whether you are enjoying it by yourself, with friends or with family. Enjoy the wonderful summer!
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  1. Sallad Cutlery Birch
    Sallad Cutlery Birch
  2. Tablecloth Coarse Linen nature
    Tablecloth Coarse Linen nature Terrible Twins
  3. Salad Bowl Melamine Grey
    Salad Bowl Melamine Grey
  4. Salad Bowl Melamine White
    Salad Bowl Melamine White
  5. Puzzle Hatchel Easy -Wood
    Puzzle Hatchel Easy -Wood Behäppi
  6. Cotton Throw Malibu Pink
    Cotton Throw Malibu Pink Blu Kat
  7. Cotton Throw Normandie
    Cotton Throw Normandie Blu Kat
  8. Rug Loop 70x200 Ivory
    Rug Loop 70x200 Ivory Formgatan
  9. Lamp Carrie LED White
    Lamp Carrie LED White Menu
  10. Lampa Carrie LED Burned Red
    Lampa Carrie LED Burned Red Menu
  11. Lampa Carrie LED Olive
    Lampa Carrie LED Olive Menu
  12. Lamp Carrie LED Brushed Brass
    Lamp Carrie LED Brushed Brass Menu
  13. Rivsalt BBQ Salt Stone
    Rivsalt BBQ Salt Stone Jens Sandringer
  14. Headphones Pampas Beige
    Headphones Pampas Beige Urbanears
  15. Headphones Pampas Black
    Headphones Pampas Black Urbanears
  16. Headphone Plattan 2 Black
    Headphone Plattan 2 Black Urbanears
  17. Hammock Multi
    Hammock Multi Afroart
  18. Hammock Black/White
    Hammock Black/White Afroart
  19. Pillow Hazel 50x50
    Pillow Hazel 50x50 Afroart
  20. Carafe Krås 1L
    Carafe Krås 1L Straight Design Studio
  21. Glass Krås 25cl
    Glass Krås 25cl Straight Design Studio
  22. Grill Brush Beechwood
    Grill Brush Beechwood
  23. Glass 2 dl
    Glass 2 dl
  24. Glass Pitcher 1L
    Glass Pitcher 1L
  25. Glass Pitcher 2L
    Glass Pitcher 2L
  26. Cutting Board Birch Medium
    Cutting Board Birch Medium
  27. Portable Speaker BT Black
    Portable Speaker BT Black
  28. Portable Speaker BT White
    Portable Speaker BT White
  29. Poly Game
    Poly Game
  30. Scarf Fika
    Scarf Fika
  31. Scarf GRL PWR
    Scarf GRL PWR
  32. Sunglasses Stockholm B/W Marble
    Sunglasses Stockholm B/W Marble Nividas
  33. Sunglass Cat Eye tortoise
    Sunglass Cat Eye tortoise Have A Look
  34. Sunglasses Hong Kong silver
    Sunglasses Hong Kong silver Nividas
  35. Sunglasses Vienna yellow amber
    Sunglasses Vienna yellow amber Nividas
  36. Motor boat Huckleberry
    Motor boat Huckleberry
  37. Magnifying glass Huckleberry
    Magnifying glass Huckleberry
  38. Fishing kit Huckleberry
    Fishing kit Huckleberry
  39. Rain poncho white
    Rain poncho white
  40. Fly Flap Leather
    Fly Flap Leather
  41. Bicycle pump
    Bicycle pump
  42. Bicycle Repair Kit
    Bicycle Repair Kit
  43. Rains Flight Bag Green
    Rains Flight Bag Green
  44. Knife Morakniv Classic Original 1
    Knife Morakniv Classic Original 1
  45. Sunglasses Kids Black
    Sunglasses Kids Black Izipizi
  46. Sunglasses Kids Pastel Pink
    Sunglasses Kids Pastel Pink Izipizi
  47. Sunglasses G Junior Tortoise
    Sunglasses G Junior Tortoise Izipizi
  48. Sunglasses E Junior Yellow Chrome
    Sunglasses E Junior Yellow Chrome Izipizi
  49. Bamboo Dinnerware Set Rye
    Bamboo Dinnerware Set Rye Cink
  50. Drawing Cards for Holiday
    Drawing Cards for Holiday Lind & Co
  51. Drawing Cards Clever
    Drawing Cards Clever Lind & Co
  52. Hinza Bag Small Rust SR
    Hinza Bag Small Rust SR Hinza
  53. Hinza Bag Small Black SR
    Hinza Bag Small Black SR Hinza
  54. Hinza Bag Rust SR
    Hinza Bag Rust SR Hinza
  55. Hinza Bag Dark Green
    Hinza Bag Dark Green Hinza
  56. Hinza Bag Yellow SR
    Hinza Bag Yellow SR Hinza
  57. Hinza Bag Grey SR
    Hinza Bag Grey SR Hinza
  58. Mug Yellow Dandelion
    Mug Yellow Dandelion Margaretha Wallin
  59. Cup Yellow Dandelion
    Cup Yellow Dandelion Margaretha Wallin
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